Communications as a force for good

Communications as a force for good

Purpose-driven businesses make different kinds of products and deliver different kinds of services. They have different processes, consumers and suppliers. Use different materials and are part of different value chains with different stakeholders. So, what do they have in common?

Trust and the role of communications

These businesses have one very important asset in common. An asset nobody can do without and that defines all our relationships. An asset that is becoming ever more important. That asset is trust. We need our consumers and all internal and external stakeholders to trust our authenticity, purpose and sustainability claims. Trust is what makes people want to work together. The new economy requires organisations that are built on dual missions of making profit and making positive impact. Trust is essential for growing your business and your mission. We see that real trust only comes from living up to your purpose and putting your values in everything you do. This takes continuous effort. The role of communications has become essential to harness the power of trust and support the transition to a new economy.


communications as a force for good


Comms for good model

Our holistic communications model puts trust and purpose at the heart of your product and processes. It gives your employees the inspiration and the tools they need to scale the business and its mission through a strong company culture. By working in multi-disciplinary teams, we make sure all aspects of your business are represented and your internal and external communications are fully integrated.

How can we help you?

  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Defining your core messages
  • Who is who in your teams
  • Connecting to the SDG’s
  • Value chain issue analysis
  • Persona speeddating
  • Internal campaigning
  • B Corp roadmap
  • Communication hygiene
  • Supporting local/independent media
  • Gender and inclusion comms scan
  • Defining community interaction
  • Co-creating with ambassadors
  • Content calendar

    Communications as a Force for Good

    BBK Powered by Friendship has joined forces with the whole works to set up a communications collective that is using communications to support all actors that make our society stronger. This includes government, non-profits and businesses. We believe that the role of the communicator is essential in the transition economy. Entrepreneurs and communications experts Veronique Swinkels, Marc den Hertog en Tessa Wernink are the driving forces behind Communications as a force for good.

    To get started contact:

    Véronique Swinkels
    +31(0)6 5157 2672

    Tessa Wernink
    +31(0)6 1142 9429